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Amnesty International has come up with a “Slide to Unlock” ad campaign. Although the ad creatively uses mobile technology, it will be interesting to see how effective it is. It looks annoying to me… but maybe that is how the non-profit  intended it.
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San Francisco based recently launched a new app that washes your car at the touch of your mobile screen. You don’t even have to be present while you do it!

(via¬†helloyoucreatives) Powerade creates a “second screen” for the South American soccer cup that went on this past summer. This was a very ingenious way of capturing the knowledge and support of fans and showing the impact and efficiency of Twitter. Hats off to Powerade.

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(Via Ad Week) Ad Week recently published an article entitled “Google Pushing Advertisers to Build for Mobile”. The Search giant is now favoring ads that are mobile friendly. This is yet another example of the increasingly evident proof that the use of mobile technology is quickly on the rise.
(via Mashable) Interesting statistics on the mobile device vs. desktop/laptop computers. It makes sense that Apple Inc. puts so much value and investment in the iPhone. Click on the image for more stats…

(via Ad Week) An app that erases ads and replaces them with street art instead. Public Ad Campaign, the group behind this claims that ads are detrimental to the interaction between inhabitants of a city and its public space, a relation that the city’s health is affected by.

(via Financial Post) The fact that Apple is quickly taking over the only mobile turf that the Blackberry dominated (the business sector) is only one factor of many factors explaining RIM’s decline. What Went Wrong at RIM? explains the graph above.